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I am a grandfather of 4 years old Dharsini, she had hearing loss in both ears since birth. Even my daughter and son-in-law too had the same impairment, they were unable to hear and speak. They communicate through sign language. We were taken aback after my granddaughter was diagnosed with complete hearing loss in both ears. It was like an angel’s call when Vikram ENT hospital assured us by recommending to go through cochlear implant procedure. The procedure commenced on 20/2/2016, followed with speech therapy. A deep faith and trust on the Doctors Vikram ENT hospital showed us with tremendous improvements. My granddaughter can hear and speak now. I know I expressed to you briefly in person how happy I am with the results but at the end I just want to pray to GOD to bless hospital and the Doctors who are serving for noble.

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A Warm greetings to the Doctor, My son (Mohammad Aslam) is our only child and was born after so much of prayers. In early childhood days we noticed he was not responding to our calls and neither was speaking. Our elders told us that age may be the factor but slowly we realized the problem is with hearing. He was diagnosed with hearing loss from both ears and we were shattered at that moment. But the doctor’s team of Vikram ENT hospital ensured that the condition will be cured with cochlear implant. We went for procedure on Jan 12, 2016. After 20 days the chip was activated and advised for speech therapy. Now after 1 year I am glad to say the condition is at its best.

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I am Roshini an overwhelmed mother of Thanisha. My daughter is everything to me. She was not hearing and responding to anything and neither speak a word. It took me into darkness completely. Only after coming to Vikram ENT Hospital she was diagnosed with hearing loss from both ears and prescribed to go for cochlear implants. I was at grave and doubt whether this is going to be of any help. But the continuous guidance and counselling from the doctors at Vikram ENT Hospital, we went for the procedure on 23rd MARCH 2016 and after 20 days the equipment was activated. She is responding now and after speech therapy, I have noticed tremendous improvement, as she now speak, mimic to the sounds. Vikram ENT hospital is a blessing from GOD. You have given a mother a new life. I am very thankful to you.

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