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Hearing loss is indeed irritating, but there are effective medically possible steps to control the same and live a normal life. Our medical records are the authentic proof for the same. Our doctors have proved that hearing loss can be effectively monitored by applying the right remedial measures at the right time. It’s natural to get frustrated when one feels the first signs of hearing loss. It’s true that the individual who suffers the problem will experience a cornered situation when the opposite party talks, and consequently will get irritated. The best possible way to lock the ensued trouble is to approach a specialist ENT doctor, as and when the first symptoms occur. The doctor will refer the patient to an ENT specialist, who will ask the audiology lab to get the required statistics. The tests will not be time-consuming episodes, which will bother the patients considerably. In all probabilities, within one or two hours itself, the individual will be able to complete the test process.

Audiology is the study that deals with the analysis and assessment of hearing, balancing, and the practical shortcomings in each of them. The resultant diseases and the required corrective measures will become visible by the test. There are varied related tests such as ‘videonystagmography (VNG)’, ‘otoacoustic emission (OAE)’, etc. Audiology tests are imperative for the proper diagnosing of the related problems. An expert audiologist can find out the area of infection by going through the audiology report and can recommend whether the patient has to go for cochlear implants or whether he or she can solve the problem by using a proper hearing aid.

Audiology labs serve as a practical center for analyzing the various aspects of sound creation. Here, the systematic securitization of sound perception takes place pragmatically and effectively. Experts carry out and monitor the related processes by using sophisticated machineries and tools. Hence, there will not be any practical flaws and the diagnosing process will be accurate. The physician decides the required method and the strength of the aural therapy, precisely in line with the report created by the audiology lab.

The purpose of audiology tests is to find out whether the hearing power of the individual is normal, abnormal to some extent, or fully deformed. If the result shows any abnormal conditions, then the audiology experts will find out the frequency of the audio that gets missing. The audiology tests will also show the extent of the damages, and the area or areas where those have occurred.

A specialist doctor will be able to comprehend whether the damages are in the outer, middle, or inner ear, or whether the same is in the central nervous system or in the auditory nerve. At Vikram ENT Hospital, we have fully equipped and fully functional audiology laboratory. Apart from testing the ear capacity, audio lab is also effective in diagnosing diseases like tinnitus and the other ailments related to the auditory processing system. To get the precise result, the individual will have to visit the audiology lab one or more times, in accordance with the advice of the doctor. It is clinically established that by doing perfect and professional speech mapping, the deficiencies of the individual’s auditory system can be rightly recorded. This documentation will be authentic and the treatments will be based on this one. Visiting an audiology lab becomes unavoidable in solving all types of the hearing problems clearly and effectively. The prompt and professional intervention of an experienced audiologist will make the patients’ sufferings less complicated.

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