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CO2 laser enabled ENT surgical procedures at Vikram ENT Hospital

CO2 laser is a typical gas laser. Here, electricity passes through a specially designed tube saturated with gas, and this produces light. The generated wave of consistent light will have an uninterrupted flow, and the high cohesiveness with the wave length of 10600 nm. Both ends of the tube carry mirrors; one is partially transparent, while the other one is reflective by nature. The gas filled in the tube will be usually a mixture of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and helium. One key specialty of CO2 laser is that the created light will be imperceptible, because of longer wavelengths. The sharp power to damage even a small portion precisely, to rectify the problems that have cropped up there, it has a sharp power to damage.

CO2 laser for medical purpose

CO2 lasers are efficiently used in Otolaryngological treatment procedures. Otolaryngology is a therapeutic process (surgical) that is meant for eliminating the diseases that are associated with ear, nose, throat, head, and neck. In general, this laser treatment is done for the diseases that occur in the larynx, oral cavity, nose, tracheobronchial conditions such as respiratory papillomatosis, tracheal stenosis, granulation tissue, bronchial adenoma, and in ear ailment treatments myringotomy, stapedectomy, acoustic neuroma, etc. CO2 laser is also used for the effective curing of ‘transoral airway cancer’ and for pathological purposes. The treatment of ‘Pediatric Airway Lesions’ has also become uncomplicated with the advent of CO2 lasers. In brief, the handiness of CO2 lasers has made the therapeutic treatments for the aforementioned ENT diseases uncomplicated and simple.
In CO2 laser surgery, a micromanipulator is fixed on the microscope used, and this ensures the precision of the surgery. The area where the surgery has to be performed will remain dry, because, there will be no bleeding. This will be of much help for the doctors, as they can perform the task alertly and assiduously. The surface will be magnified greatly, which again makes the task of the surgeon easy and exact. Consequently, the patient will have easy recovery and can return back to his or her normal daily life immediately

The main advantages of using CO2 lasers for surgical purposes are:

  • The possibility of less bleeding. The laser is capable of closing the blood vessels, which may even come to almost 0.5 mm diameter.
  • The destruction of the unwanted cells will be on the spot. This is because of the high coagulation capacity of the laser.
  • Lower risk of getting thermal injuries to the adjacent tissues. The functioning capacity of the laser is precise and this prevents additional damages to the adjacent cells.
  • The requirement of supplementary mechanisms will be minimal
  • There will be minimum post-operative edema.
  • The amazing accuracy of the beam, which can be focused on even the tiny points to remove the damaged cells of those specific areas.
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