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Watchpat Polysomnography

WatchPat is an innovative medical tool that will test the quality of one’s sleep. The mechanism makes use of the tension of the tangential arteries for ascertaining and verifying whether there is a hindrance or stoppage of breath, while the individual sleeps. The reading will be accurate, and this enables the doctors to detect the actual problem, prescribe the required medications, and to follow-up with the patients, as and when required. The most wonderful thing about this way of testing is that it can be done even at the individual’s residence, thereby making it more comfortable for him or her. However, one should opt for the advice of a specialist doctor, before trying it on their own. You can get in touch with our ENT doctors and get more details about the WatchPat that you can use.

Advantages of using WatchPat includes

  • The easiness of use.
  • The readings will be accurate.
  • The actual state and time of the sleep can be measured.
  • The measurements will cover facts about the sleeping body position, heart rate, rate of snoring, Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT).


Sleep study or polysomnography is the typical medical test for identifying the disorders that are related to sleep. In this test, certain personal details such as the nature of the brain waves of the individual concerned, the heart rate, the measure of oxygen in the blood, the breathing rate, etc., are taken into consideration. Apart from these data, the doctor also counts the precise movements of eyes and legs as supplementary information. This test is performed as an in-hospital treatment procedure. In general, the patient will have to report to the hospital during the evening time; so the doctors could verify practically the snags of sleeping. Polysomnography is performed in the sleep labs, which are specifically maintained for the purpose.

We at Vikram Hospital have a team of doctors who are specialists in performing polysomnography, and who can solve all the problems connected with sleep disorders.

Sleep Lab

At Vikram Hospital, we maintain a well-equipped sleep lab, with all the amenities and the investigative tools. The center is supervised by qualified and experienced technicians. The overall supervision of our specialized doctors make our sleep lab one of the top ones in the country. It is at this place, polysomnography is conducted. This test is an effective checking method for diagnosing the generally seen sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, parasomnia, sleep apnea, seizures, etc.

The patient will be asked to sleep in a prearranged room that is equipped with the necessary tools. This room will be a standard looking bedroom, but there will be various instruments like the monitors and the associated fittings set up within. It’s quite natural that one will not get proper quality-sleep under such conditions, but even by assessing the nature of a short time sleep, doctors will be able to diagnose the involved problem. The recording process will be done both in sound and visual ways. These will have direct connection with a centrally controlled monitoring hub. Of course, expert sleep technicians will be entrusted with the task of monitoring the typical attributes of the recording.

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