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Karl Storz Endoscopy Suites at Vikram ENT Hospitals

Vikram ENT Hospital is a fully equipped tertiary care ENT hospital and ENT research center, and we take care of the ENT-related problems of the patients, globally. We always try to introduce all the latest available medical technological tools in to our system, hence we are capable of rightly addressing ENT problems of patients across the globe. We have installed Karl Storz Endoscopy Suites to get the precisely needed diagnostic data, as it should be and which will enable the Ear, Nose and Throat doctors to get a tangible representation, regarding the inner working system of the patients.

Endoscopy has become one of the popular, successful diagnosis methods

It is an undisputed fact that, as far as the present-day ENT therapeutic treatments are concerned, ENT endoscopy procedure has become a vital diagnosis tool. The minimum invasive procedure is a great functional highlight of the endoscopy. The main benefit of endoscopy is that it will capture the accurate information of the inner-parts of the body, thus helping the physician in deciding on the due course of medical treatment. Besides, the process of investigation, endoscopy is also effective, speedy, and easy on the pocket. The use of endoscopy in ENT disorder diagnosis is widespread and the process of diagnosis of a lot of inner ear diseases has become more or less straightforward, because of this imaging device. However, our ENT doctors always prefer to have quality endoscopic machineries such as Karl Storz endoscopy suites, so that the results are accurate and reliable.

Karl Storz Endoscopy Suites

Karl Storz is a leading endoscope innovator and manufacturer, who is famed throughout the globe for the precision of the endoscope. In all the segments of the manufacturing process such as the research, conception, designing, and the final manufacturing process the company takes double care to avoid mistakes. The company undoubtedly had a noteworthy part in modernizing the working pattern of the medical diagnosing tools.
The first FULL HD 3D Endoscope camera was launched by this company and was thus instrumental in revolutionizing the ENT diagnosis and treatment procedures. Karl Storz Full HD 3D Endoscopy has diverse functionalities that will be of much help to the ENT doctors. The LED light is a great source of dependable light; this enables perfect image views for the doctors who attend the patients. Apart from this, there is a compact documentation unit and an LED backlight monitor. The overall management of images becomes easy and within the effective control of the doctors.

Karl Storz Endoscope - Perfect for ENT Disgnosis

Karl Storz endoscope is a handy tool for diagnosing the middle ear problems such as Cholesteatoma. The surgeon can have greater view of the affected portion and can assess the situation more clearly. This gives the scope of larger understanding with minimum invasive methods.
We, the Vikram ENT Hospital management, always stand for quality medical treatments and takes utmost care in updating the existing medical facilities in a periodic manner. During this process, we make sure to install highly innovative and technologically apt instruments, which will be beneficial to the patients and which will help the doctors considerably, in diagnosing and giving the best possible treatment options.

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