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Facial Nerve Monitor(FNM)

We, the management of Vikram ENT Hospital, strongly believe in improving lives of patients. This gets reflected in our diagnosing process and the subsequent ENT treatments we deliver. It’s our strong perspective that all surgeries we undertake must become highly beneficial to our patients, both quality-wise and financially. For making this feasible, we always take due care when we perform our surgical procedures. While attending surgeries, we take the needed effective precautions and perform them with the maximum possible precision. To facilitate this we make it a point to update our knowledge on all relevant medical topics, and insist on introducing all the newer methods of medicinal practices. For this, we give sufficient training to our staff on the latest happenings in the global medical field. We also make certain to install all the sophisticated therapeutic instruments and machineries, as and when they become practically viable and functional. Facial Nerve Monitor (FNM) are one of such novel instruments that will trim down the risky nature of ENT surgeries. Moreover, this instrument makes sure about the safeness of the patient and thereby, the success of the surgery.

The use of Facial Nerve Monitor becomes essential to trim down the potential risks of the nerve impairments that are par for the course of all medical surgeries, including ENT surgery. When used as it should be, ENT surgeons can detect, verify, and check the functions of the highly significant nerve-system of the human body, the motor nerves. Motor nerves are the carriers of signals to the related muscles and the glands, and if damages occur here, the consequences will be critical. The mechanism incorporated in the facial nerve monitor makes sure to alert the attending physician by means of audio and visual ways as regards the probable nerve dysfunction.

Each surgery carries great significance; this is because of the direct-connection with the lives of the individuals concerned. Hence, at all times surgeons take utmost care while carrying out the same. However, in some cases, doctors fail to spot out the motor nerves during the surgical process. This can be because of several reasons like the inherent anatomical variations of the patient, a previous history of surgery the patient has, or the special characteristics of some of the specific ailments. The failure to spot the motor nerves may generate detrimental effect to the individuals. It is during such cases Facial Nerve Monitor will become highly effective. By using Facial Nerve Monitor, the inadvertent nerve damages can be curtailed considerably. The electrodes of the monitor are kept in the proper muscles of the patient, and these electrodes are connected to the central monitoring system. Whenever there is a possibility of nerve damage, the device alerts the doctors and the technicians who are attending the surgery.

Weakness or disability to facial nerves causes facial debility, lack of sensation, spasms, etc. Even if a single facial nerve gets a small injury during a surgical process, the patient will have to endure the resultant nerve related problems. This can be a lasting problem or a temporary condition, depending on the damages that have taken place. In addition, during some of the surgical interventions, there is a possibility of facial nerve exposure, and thereby opening up the chances of getting injuries. For instance, there is a likelihood of the recurrent laryngeal nerve getting spoiled during the surgical procedures on the neck-region. Facial Nerve Monitor will be of much advantageous to both the doctors and patients during the time of these surgeries.

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