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KTP 532 Laser

We at Vikram ENT Hospital & Research Institute use laser for wide range of ENT related procedures. Some of the areas where we use KTP 532 laser are Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Vocal Cord Surgery, and Cochlear Implant Surgery. This motivated and productive application of KTP 532 laser has made us one of the leading ENT specialist center globally.


The word laser is the short form of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This beam is created by the structured process of optical amplification, which is done by the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. This light-form is quite different from the other varieties of lights commonly seen. Laser is more consistent and cohesive by nature, and because of this property, the same can be focused on specific points for generating higher degrees of energy, which will be useful for performing jobs like laser cutting and lithography.

Laser in Therapeutic ENT Treatments

At Vikram ENT Hospital we pioneered the use of lasers for ear, nose and throat surgery. Laser is a close band of extremely powerful light rays (a group of photons), which possess single wavelength and similar features, and wherein all the rays have identical length and strength, and pass together taking a uniform direction. If this powerful rays is focused through a lens into a specific spot, highly intense energy can be created; this energy is used in the laser treatments. For instance, laser is very much effective for coagulating or vaporizing the blood and body tissues. The present-day usage of lasers spreads across various arenas such as computer hardware, electronics, pharmaceutical purpose, etc. The use of laser is recommended for high precision, blood less treatments for ear, nose and throat disorders and endoscopic sinus surgeries. The overall effectiveness and the easiness of usage makes it even more accepted in delivering improved healthcare outcomes.

Here, the KTP crystal (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) is forced into contact with a beam of light, created using ‘neodymium - yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd: YAG) crystal’, and this generates a discernible green spectrum of beam having a wavelength of 532 nm. This is very powerful and can cut/vaporize the surface where it is focused, and this is the base of using the same for medical purposes.
KTP 532 laser makes the day care procedure of surgery in connection with the vocal lesions such as dysplasia and papilloma swift, safe, and effectual. Likewise, KTP 532 laser is also highly functional for carrying out the endoscopic sinus surgery. We, at Vikram ENT Hospital & Research Institute, Coimbatore, make use of every single opportunity of the functional use of KTP 532 laser and thus keep our medical treatments fully operative and cost-effective.

Advantages of KTP 532 Laser in treating ENT disorders

The efficiency of KTP 532 laser in erasing the unwanted cell growth from the human body with easiness has made the device popular for medical usages. This mechanism is widely used for the advanced treatments of ear, nose, and throat diseases. In brief, the advent of KTP 532 laser has made ENT surgeries trouble-free and effectual.

  • The device is accurate in function and perfect for performing complex ENT surgeries.
  • Bleeding can be avoided while surgeries, which will be helpful for the doctors and safe for the patients.
  • Diminishes the chance of the spread of malignant cells; the patient can feel mentally relieved of further attack.
  • The patient will not have to spend days and days in bed after treatment, as the recovery will be speedy.
  • The possibility of performing the surgery by using very minimum mechanisms makes the process straightforward and less time consuming. Indeed, this will be beneficial for both the patients and doctors.
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