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Welcome to the best ENT hospital in India!

Ours is a top rated ENT Specialist Hospital in India, where the best ENT doctors in India practice and research. Today’s scientific discoveries are tomorrow’s treatment and Vikram ENT Hospital has been a global pioneer.

Our hospital is a globally ranked ENT Specialist Hospital in India. Decades of dedicated service in delivering ENT care, the ensued experience of our ENT surgeons and the updated medical technology are the key factors that make us Unique. Patients across the globe visit us to get the most effective therapeutic treatments for their ENT ailments. A healthcare professional team consisting of the best ENT doctors in India and care coordinators - deliver high-end ENT healthcare, paying attention to patients needs and wants. Our ENT treatments have global acceptance, we are especially noted for our cochlear implant surgeries - the innovative surgical method for rectifying the hearing loss in humans. These surgical and laser ENT procedures are very expensive in other countries compared to that in India.

The presence of various super specialty hospitals that focus on treating diverse types of diseases makes the state a major medical tourism destination in India. Vikram ENT Hospital and Research Centre have developed and maintained evidence- based ENT procedures specifically in line with the global medical standards. We hold a rich pool of well-educated and well-trained staff including physicians, surgeons, audiologist, speech therapist, medical technicians, and hospital management personnel – to diagnose and deliver ENT care at the appropriate time concentrating on the outcome.

Why Vikram ENT Hospital?

  • The patients are given the highest quality treatments, precisely in accordance with the global standards.
  • We make use of evidence-based modern medical methods and medical technologies to restore hearing loss in patients.
  • The dedicated involvement of highly educated and experienced ENT surgeons makes the entire treatment process simple and hassle-free.
  • Our team of doctors teach and participate in global medical education programs and are leaders in their professional skills, exactly in tune with the change of time and technology.
  • Communication will not be a problem in our hospital. Moreover, we provide linguistic services for your added convenience. This will be a boon for all overseas patients who are not English speakers.
  • Our treatments are comparatively cost-effective. We make sure that the overall expenditure the patients will have to bear is kept at a relatively low level.

Tourism Possibilities in Coimbatore

You can add more excitements and happiness to your medical trip to Vikram ENT Hospital, Coimbatore by allotting some time for sight-seeing; for sure, you will be able to garner indelible holiday moments. This will make your trip all the more impressive. The ‘Ancient Industrial Artifacts Museum’, which is situated in Ramanathapuram, will certainly amuse you a great. Likewise, you can have a short trip to the ‘Botanical Garden’ in Maruthamalai, to have an open interaction with nature; you will love it. The other places of interest in Coimbatore include the ‘Gass Forest Museum’, ‘Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery’, and ‘Government Museum’. You can also take a short break to the appealing waterfall sites like the ‘Siruvani’, ‘Vaideki’, and ‘Sengupathi’, which will make your Coimbatore visit extremely pleasing. Apart from the above possibilities, you can also derive enjoyment from the amusement parks like the ‘Black Thunder’, ‘Kovai Kondattam’, and ‘Maharaja Theme Park’. There are great shopping malls here such as the ‘Fun Republic’ and ‘Brookefields’, which will give you ample options for shopping.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is the ‘Coimbatore International Airport’. The connectivity is great, and you can reach Coimbatore from all parts of India very easily. If you prefer straight flight to Coimbatore, you can get the same from Sharjah or Singapore. The distance from the airport to Vikram ENT hospital would roughly takes 30 minutes to reach.

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