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Founder, Chief ENT Surgeon.
Dr.P.G.Visvanathan, Founder

Dr P. G. Visvanathan is our founder, leader and guide. An experienced and indispensable ENT specialist of Vikram ENT Hospital with global repute, who possesses a long service record as regards altruistic medical service – that is the professional testimony of Dr PGV. The innate love for the humanity is his special characteristic. He holds a successful track record of nearly five decades of benevolent medical service, serving the society with prudent therapeutic treatment abilities. His sharp diagnosing capacity and the intrinsic supportive nature, together with the apt & swift medical application of the right remedial measures eliminates the diverse ENT disorders swiftly. This special gift has earned him the appreciation and applauds of patients, globally.

Dr Visvanathan holds several internationally recognized qualifications. His professional degrees include M.B.B.S. (Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India), M.S. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India), F.R.A.C.S. (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) and F.I.C.S. (United States).

Dr. PGV was instrumental in introducing the minimally invasive ‘Cochlear Implant Surgery’. His achievements also include several live surgery workshops, which includes micro ear surgery, endoscopic & phono surgery, both the basic level and the complex type surgeries. He has carried out the first small fenestra stapedotomy, KTP-532 laser surgery and the ‘intra-op neural telemetry’, for the first time in India.

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